No two jobs are exactly the same so we can’t give you an exact price for some of our services without talking with you first, visiting the site and understanding what it is you would like us to provide.



Obviously, we need to know where you would like us to photograph or film. In most cases the postcode is enough although we can also work with latitude and longitude for more rural areas. Once we have got this we’ll complete an initial check online to make sure we’re safe to operate in the area and what – if any – flight restrictions are in place or any permissions that may be required. 

We’ll often need to visit the site too and complete a pre-flight survey to ensure we comply with the terms in our CAA approval. Often, this visit can be incorporated in to the same day as the photography.

We are allowed to operate in most areas, including built up locations, cities and close to airports.  

Once we’ve done our initial survey and you are happy with our quote we only require a 25% deposit to secure your booking. At this point we’ll agree a date for a site visit (if required) along with a date and time suitable to you to complete the project. 

Remote pilot photo and videography can often be impacted by the weather and our drones cannot safely operate in rain or high winds. We’ll monitor the weather at your location in the week leading up to your shoot and advise you should we foresee any problems. Up to 48 hours before we begin the project we will reschedule to a date and time without additional charge. Should we be already on-site when the conditions become unsuitable we’ll stay with you as long as we can waiting for a break in the weather. Should shooting prove impossible we cannot return your deposit but can arrange another date at a discounted rate.

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